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There are endless things to do at the Leobo Private Reserve. Our accommodation is rented exclusively to one group at a time. This unparalleled freedom means that you can do as much or as little as you like – and you can do it at your own pace.

What to do First

On arrival at Leobo the first thing that you will want to do is explore the 12,000 acres of inescapably beautiful Waterberg countryside. For this there are plenty of choices all equally as thrilling in their own ways.
Take to the 240km of tracks around the farm on one of the six speedy and sturdy quad bikes that the reserve has to offer, or if you have a real need for speed get yourself strapped in to the polaris buggy.
For those with a more relaxed approach experience Africa how it should be done, at one with the animals on horseback with an experienced guide leading the way. Leobo has five horses on site that you have full and exclusive use of during your stay.
As amazing as it is tearing around the park with the various machines and galloping across the plains on your trusty steed the best views are from the sky. Why not strap yourself in to a helicopter and be flown around at low altitude over the reserve, yards above the flat-topped acacia trees, looking out for giraffe, buffalo, zebra, hippo, wildebeest or any of our wonderful collection of animals. You’ll get the opportunity to see some extraordinary sights from a high vantage point.

Now you have seen the park it is time to make the most of it...

Spend time with one of Leobo’s expert guides game viewing. Leobo is a vast reserve teeming with game, birdlife, hippos and a crocodile named Stevie. The reserve has none of the big five, making it very safe for families as the children can explore and learn about the bush from Leobo’s experienced guides in absolute safety. The reserve also boasts some archaeological significance and bushman paintings.
Take to the plains for some clay pigeon shooting. We can take you into the bush and provide you with clay's and cartridges. Take aim at moving targets, squeeze the trigger and feel the shock wave as you watch a bullet rocket away.
The dams on the reserve are stocked with a selection of bass and trout and we can provide all the rods and bait you’ll need to hook a fish. Fishing experiences are made exciting by the presence of groups of inquisitive hippo. What could be more relaxing than sipping a drink while fishing in one of the dams, listening to the sound of hippos as the sun goes down? We are proud to report that we regularly catch bass over 2kg.
If you’re someone who really loves extreme sports, then how about skydiving over the African plains. We’ll take you by helicopter to 20,000 feet as you look down at one of the best views you will ever see. Then prepare for an adrenalin rush like no other as you skydive with an instructor attached and hurtle towards earth.

The Star Attraction

At the end of a day at Leobo whether you have spent the day relaxing on the terrace and by the pool or in the park burning energy one thing you will want do is go star gazing.
The observatory plays host to a research grade 20 inch telescope. It is the most sophisticated set up in the southern hemisphere; fully robotic and currently involved in supernova research projects, and from March 2014 the equipment is being upgraded to hydrogen-alpha to provide day time viewing of the sun at high magnification, enabling the examination of minute detail on the surface. During your stay you must be sure to make full use of this incredible opportunity to see the night skies like never before.
We are blessed with clear skies with no light pollution. The sky is ink black and you will see stars that you have never seen before. We invite a fascinating local astronomer Dr Phil Calcot to come and give you a spellbinding tour of the stars. With his laser pen at the ready, he will point out stars, planets and constellations. Ask him anything you want: What’s the Big Bang? Where’s Jupiter? Did man really land on the moon? What’s a shooting star? What is a light year? It really is an evening you’ll never forget.
After learning about the stars I am sure that you will want to sleep under them. We are lucky enough to have 11 magnificent hippos on the reserve that wallow away all day. And we offer you the chance to sleep just yards away from these magnificent creatures. There is a huge hand-crafted tree house equipped with a 4-man tent above the hippo dam and from here you can feast yourself on a typical South African braai around a roaring fire pit.

Doing it for the kids

Even though there is a lot of adult fun to be had, Leobo Reserve is built around the enjoyment of families - indeed the owner himself has four children. Your kids will love being on the reserve and especially will love seeing animals so close up. They will experience and learn so much - from seeing the tracks of a giraffe, to feeling the velvety-soft leaves of the “loo paper” tree; from walking on a rock-hard ant hill, to holding a lizard. They can swim, relax, play, watch TV or do what they want, but they’ll never be bored for a moment and they’ll sleep like babies.

An experience like no other!



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