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Personal meals in-room to feasts in the exclusive restaurant the options are countless. Wake up to the Tuscan countryside and enjoy a fresh breakfast on the terrace, then at lunch take it to the pool for a relaxing light snack getting lost in the buzzing of the bees in the flowers and vines.

At dinner the options continue, the stylish restaurant will be open, alternatively enjoy the sounds and smells of the herb gardens whilst dining al fresco. If you prefer a more snug setting enquire and enjoy the Vinoteque or private wine cellar. Also as an option in the winter keep warm by the fire in the Olive kitchen whilst tucking in to a delicious home cooked meal.

Candle lit dinners can be set up anywhere within the grounds upon request as the romantic inside begins to show its true colours!

Cooking Classes

The main objective of Mangiacane cooking lessons is to discover Tuscany using history and culture as your platform of knowledge, making these cooking lessons more than the ingredients’ on the surfaces in front of you. Food and wine should be enjoyed with a lively enthusiasm that stems from the preparation. For this we plan to infuse Philosophy into the cooking.

Cooking Classes

You will be greeted by the chef in either the Olive Kitchen or in the herb garden (depending on weather and seasons). Here you will be selecting herbs that will later be used in your lessons.

Classes a start at 11.00am and will run for a 3 hours. This includes sampling the food that you have been preparing for lunch. It is a very hands’ on lesson to ensure that the skills you acquire for food selections to cooking techniques stick for life.

The dishes and the lessons are all created with seasonal ingredients in order to get this best out of the food. There are some dishes and preparations that will be standard, handmade gnocchi or risotto, vegetable sides or starters and traditional meat and fish recipes.
You will be in safe hands whilst under instruction of the private chef at Villa Mangiacane. Chef has a deep love for food, flavour, and originality in creating traditional local meals with an international touch and twist.

The program is not limited to just food, a Tuscan meal would not be complete without olive oil with crusty bread and a nice bottle of wine. Here at Villa Mangiancane we will stretch your knowledge on both olive oil and wine by you introducing you to the processes of making there very own Olio d’Olive created from the olive trees on sight and an insight to the production of the Villa Magincane Chianti Classico DOCG wines and IGT wines which started in 2001.

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