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A week long cultural and culinary exploration of the famed Iberian pig in Andalucia, presented by Cortijo El Carligto.

This week-long course has been designed to appeal to cooks of all abilities to give a strong understanding of not just how to prepare these southern Spain bovine delights but also the history of how the pork prevailed over other meats in the Spanish ‘cucina’.

This course is not limited to just the dishes of this area of Spain, but also everyone’s favourite Spanish treats like chorizo and sausage. You will also in role in a professional butchering course in order to get a fuller understanding of what you will make and how you will make it.
This Seven night stay in the beautiful secluded Cortijo El Carligto will be the perfect way to expand your culinary mind and relax in the beautiful surroundings.

Your Discovery

7-nights at

- Explore pork’s history and find out how it made its place in Spanish culture.

- Create a knowledge of the perfect local wines to compliment your dish by visiting the wine bodega’s.

- Get a full knowledge of all the different cuts of the pig with butcher and learn about the levels of quality in the renowned cured ‘Jambon Iberico’.

- Enjoy tours round the local wonders such as UNESCO World Heritage city Cordoba, and enjoy the sights and smells of the of the Malaga’s Historic covered market.

From EURO 1,600 per person all inclusive; this is the ultimate experience to expand your cooking knowledge.

There is also a ‘light’ course which offers five days and four nights, which will not include the butchering aspect, but will still strive to give you the best understanding of the pig and the Spanish culture surrounding it, starting at EURO 935 per person.

7 nights


GBP 1,450 / person

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